Healthcare Financial Consultants - Specializing in Chargemaster Consulting Services

Terrance Wong & Associates has two service products:


Chargemaster Coding & Compliance Review.  The coding and compliance review includes a line-by-line review of each charge for validation of CPT/HCPCS and Revenue codes, structural compliance to code descriptors and/or appropriateness as a charge.  There are three steps to our reviews:

Initial Review
    The first 80% of the project is performed in our office.  This consists of a line-by-line review 
    of each charge item by our consulting staff.  All charges are reviewed manually, which allows 
    us to make a thorough assessment of descriptions and codes, structure of charges, charge 
    appropriateness, etc.  It is through this process that we prepare our questions and comments for 
    discussion during the on-site meetings.

On-Site Meetings

    The next 5% of the project involves our meeting with the clinical departments so that our 
    observations can be discussed and our questions posed.  These meetings also allow for the 
    departments to ask their questions of us.  

    Finalizing the Summary Report

    The last 15% of the project is spent preparing the Summary Report, which includes the 
    appendices of code revisions, charges for deactivation and charge description revisions.  The 
    narrative in the report represents issues that cannot be easily addressed in the appendices, such 
    as the addition of charges, recommendations for restructuring charges in order to be compliant 
    with Medicare or Medi-Cal charging and/or coding protocols, suggestions for better 
    practices, etc.
Chargemaster Maintenance Program.  Once we have completed a comprehensive chargemaster review, we offer to our clients the annual Chargemaster Maintenance Program.  There are three components to the program.

    Annual CPT/HCPCS Code Update

    We provide an annual update of the chargemaster with respect to the new year's CPT and 
    HCPCS codes, based on standard CPT and HCPCS, Medicare and Medi-Cal coding guidelines.  
    Our Updates include explanation and insight of the new coding information, but more 
    importantly, we identify the charges in your chargemaster that are or may be affected by the 
    new coding issues.  Typically, our clients receive their updates by the first week of December, 
    enough time to implement prior to January 1st.

    We want to emphasize that the annual update is not a comprehensive re-review of the 
    chargemaster each year.  The annual update reflects only the new, deleted and revised codes 
    for that particular year.

    Periodic Updates

    Based on periodic information furnished in CMS publications and Medi-Cal publications, we 
    provide updates as needed for issues surrounding coding of the chargemaster.  As with the 
    Annual Update, we provide explanation and insight of new coding information and identify 
    specific charges in your chargemaster that are or may be affected.  Currently, Medi-Cal's 
    implementation of a new year's codes falls under a periodic update.

    Consulting Support

    In addition to the time spent on the annual and periodic updates, we provide ten hours of 
    support for chargemaster related issues.  The hospital may use these hours through on-site 
    meetings, telephone conferences, email, correspondence, etc.  One of the best uses of this time 
    is for the hospital to have us review new charges added to the chargemaster.

By employing these three components of the Chargemaster Maintenance Program, a hospital's chargemaster should be kept fairly current on an on-going basis, which eliminates the need for a comprehensive review each year.
Limitation of Services.

    Pricing of Charges

    As a consulting firm specializing in chargemaster coding and structural compliance, we have 
    access to a vast amount of proprietary information.  As evidenced by our client list, many of our 
    clients are in close geographical proximity to one another.  We do not want to give even 
    the slightest impression that we might be using a client's or potential client's chargemaster for 
    purposes other than their project or proposal.  Consequently, we do not perform strategic pricing 
    of any kind.

    If requested as part of the project, we are able to provide reports reflecting Medicare and Medi-
    Cal outpatient reimbursement information based on CPT and HCPCS codes as published by 
    CMS and Medi-Cal (e.g. comparison of chargemaster prices to APC rates, fee schedules, etc.).

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